september 2017

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patti's top five

Patti Littlefield's list of the top five women in jazz, in no particular order.

Albuquerque’s 20-year-old skateboard sensation Mariah Duran finished 2nd in the 2016 Austin X Games’ Street Skateboarding competition, following that up with a 1st place finish in this year’s Jackalopefest in Montreal. She's currently ranked 9th in the world.

Australian veteran psych-rockers, Beaches noisily bliss it up and bliss it out on their newest LP, Second Of Spring.

Pamela Adlon teams up with Louis C.K. for a West-Coast, single-mom take on Louie. Adlon serves a up a steamingly hilarious and much needed dish of raw-but-loving mom in season two of Better Things

If anyone is ever curious why Amy Sedaris is funny, watch her push a giant sewing needle through a donut sandwiched between two jar lids. Enough said. At Home with Amy Sedaris premieres this fall on TruTV to the delight of hardcore Strangers with Candy fans around the globe. 

Jojo Abot is a Ghanaian gender-bending, multi-faceted artist, reaching into the depths of global artistry through music, film, performance art, and literature.

Erricka Bridgeford started a grassroots movement to stop the violence and killings in Baltimore with a 72-hour ceasefire in early August 2017. The movement was marred by four shootings, two of which were fatal. But Bridgeford's efforts continue as an inspiration to take action and spark kindness.

Iceland’s Múm have been slinging post punk electro psych music for 20 years. Founding twin Gyda Voltisdottir tries her hand at the oldest complete musical composition.

As guitarist in the LA surf-punk band Feels, Shannon Lay simply shreds. In her solo work she shows off her subtle emotional side. Living Water, her new album, will be released on September 22.